Zamst Product Review

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

If you are looking for your next knee, ankle, wrist brace, socks or compression sleeves, then you should check out Zamst.

Zamst was created to reinforce and protect athletes of the world by allowing them to push harder than the body can endure. Zamst has a diverse line of products, but what caught my attention from the start was how comfortable they are to use. Many runners suffer from IT band issues, myself included, and I was able to test out the RK-1 knee brace that was made for those with IT band syndrome. While wearing it, I didn’t feel any pain, and I felt secure during my workout. Throughout all of my exercises, I had my typical range of motion. The RK-1 is made with a-Fit technology, which means that each piece is anatomically correct, providing the right amount of support for each specific body part. The material is made with an advanced fabric and lightweight construction called Flyweight Technology. It truly is incredibly light but also very comfortable. Each brace is made with ROM-TECH, which allows for a full range of motion so that athletes can continue to push as hard as possible without feeling stiff to the point that they can’t move that body part like other braces do. Above all else, each brace is made to allow a ventilated flow that will keep you cool while in use. Zamst prides itself on creating a sophisticated exoskeleton to help with injury prevention. Their products come in many different sizes and designs. They have braces for every body part you can imagine, and the best part is that some of their products are made to hold ice packs in place. So you no longer have to worry about sitting on the couch icing yourself. Instead, put on the brace with the ice pack inside and you can go about your day. Amy Hastings and the Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry are among the many professional athletes that believe in the product. Why? Because it allows for that full range of motion that they need while training, playing and competing. If you want to feel secure, protected and overall comfortable, Zamst is a great product and something that anyone with an injury should buy. If you want the icing on the cake, get one with the internal ice pack. This idea is genius and I am a huge fan. Check out the line of products they have specifically for runners below!

  • RK-1- Runners Knee and IT band syndrome

  • IW-1 Set– Runners Knee and IT band syndrome brace with ice pack

  • HA-1 RUN LE– Plantar Fasciitis

  • A1-S– Ankle Sprain

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