Wise Travel Card Review

As promised, this is my updated review of the travel card. It was so easy to use! I was able to add British pounds to this card when I was in the UK. The transfer was immediate and all I had to do was find an ATM (near me as it was hot and I didn't want to walk all over town) and take out my cash! The best part is the app let me know that I had taken cash out and reminded me to add more.

When I got to France, I added euros to the card as it has the ability to host multiple currencies on it. All I had to do was find an ATM (again had to find it physically) and I was able to take cash out.

Another thing to note is that you can use this card as a debit card and it will deduct cash in the form of currency the country uses, so you won't have to deal with an exchange rate as you would on your credit card. Also, you can only take out cash 2 times in one month for free, otherwise, you will have to pay an ATM fee. This was fine for me as I made sure to take out enough cash so I wouldn't have to go and get more.

Overall I definitely recommend adding this card to your travel wallet when you are going somewhere and they don't accept your home currency.

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