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Why You Should Choose ISM and My Breakaway Review

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

For those of you who haven't ventured into the world of better bike seats, then it is time.

Some bikes come with generic bike seats that are not very comfortable but who would think to upgrade their bike saddle after just spending a lot of money on a brand new bike? The saddle should be a good quality right? Wrong! Not all saddles are created equal and not all saddles are made for everyone. I would know. After experiencing this myself, I made the switch to ISM which I am now proud to represent them as an ambassador.

So for today, I am reviewing the first ISM saddle I've owned and my favorite, the Breakaway. Why I chose ISM 

After upgrading to a triathlon bike in 2013, I was given the generic saddle that came with the bike. It was fine in the beginning for shorter distance races, but as I began riding longer distances and for a longer period of time, I found the saddle to be extremely uncomfortable and made those long rides unbearable. I could barely get through 30 miles before I had to call it quits. So I switched to ISM after hearing great things about the brand and how comfortable they were in the pelvic region.

I selected the Breakaway because of two reasons.

1. The level of cushioning being not too soft but not too firm. My current saddle was very hard. 2. I read reviews of the Breakaway while also researched its purpose for the length of distance and style of training/racing.

Review of Riding Experience What ISM did that makes is so much more than just a bike saddle, is they focused on the seat and padding area of your sit bones. They also took out the dead area in the middle to create their famous nose-less designs. All in all, this helped to create a bike saddle that removed the pressure on the pelvic area which created numbness while also making the rides enjoyable by focusing on where your sit bones hit the seat.

ISM Facts The Breakaway is in the Performance Long category of saddles by ISM which means that they are 270mm long and 135mm wide. It allows for a great deal fore/aft adjustment to figure out where to place the saddle on the seat post. This also provides the rider some movement especially for those who like to roll their hips back while climbing and still stay in a comfortable seated position. The cushioning level for the Breakaway is a 30. It is made of a mixture of foam and gel and is in the middle in terms of cushioning. In this category, the Podium is the firmest and the prologue is the softest.

Now let’s get into the nitty gritty.

1. Picking out a saddle is completely based on your comfort level. If you prefer a saddle that is softer or firmer, that is up to you, not what someone recommends.

2. Saddle width is also solely dependent on your preference. Just because a Pro is riding narrow doesn’t mean it will make you as fast as them. Remember this is about comfort! If you are going to be on a bike for some time, find one where your butt is happy!

3. It could take a couple of tries. Some bike shops do allow for you to test out saddles before investing in one. Try out this option if you can because ISM has a wide range of saddle choices and it might take some time to figure out which you like best. For me, I like cushioning, but not a great deal. That is why I chose the Breakaway. So don’t be discouraged if it takes some time to figure out the most comfortable option for you. You will find the right one.

Overall I love this saddle, it is a great option and probably the best one to start with if you are just trying out ISM. So go ahead, and take a chance on a brand that was made with your comfort in mind. ISM is the best, and you deserve the best!

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