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Ways To Make Your Race Travel Stress Free

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Traveling to a race whether by car or by plane? Make your travel day easy by following these tips because let’s be honest, you do not want to be stressed leading into a race.

  1. First pack the essentials you will need come race day.  If you are running in a marathon make sure you pack the most important gear first.

  • Shoes

  • Clothes: Shirt, shorts, underwear, sports bras for the ladies, socks

  • Hat, sunglasses (if you run in them)

  • Nutrition! (you do not want to try a new method on race day)

  • Misc gear including GPS watch, headphones, running belt

Then you can move on to the pre and post running gear

  • Compression socks

  • Sweatpants/shorts/whatever you enjoy relaxing in

  • An extra pair of socks, shirt or pants depending on if the weather looks to have a range of options.

If you are running in a triathlon, you will need more so start with the essentials again. 

  • Tri suit or top and shorts

  • Socks and sports bra (if you race in them)

  • Bike helmet

  • Wetsuit or speedsuit

  • Race belt

  • Nutrition including liquids. You never know if it will be hard to find a convenience store. 

  • Sunscreen, trislide or body glide

  • Sunglasses and hat

  • Bicycle! That is if you are traveling with your bike in tow. If you shipped your bike, you obviously do not have to worry about this step. 

Then you can move on to the pre and post running gear

  • Compression socks or tights

  • Sweatpants/shorts/whatever you enjoy relaxing in

  • If it’s a hot race, bring some aloe. You would be surprised how burnt you can get if you are out on the bike for hours even with sunscreen.

2. Make sure you research where you want to eat dinner the night before. 

This will help you make a reservation if you need to in case you are in a small town or at least prepare and know what they will serve so that it can be similar or match your nutrition plan.

3. Figure out how far your hotel or place of stay is from the expo and bike drop off/pick up.  This will help you the day before the race and the day of while getting to the venue and knowing how long it will take. 

4. If you are running in a race that will last longer than your hotel stay, make sure you ask for a late checkout or ask if they do half day.  This way you can still take a shower and relax before catching your flight or driving home instead of worrying about how quickly you can get back to the hotel before you are kicked out. 

5. If you are flying to a race, book your return flight in the evening or the next day. I have had many experiences finishing a race and having to quickly rush back to the hotel, shower, pack up and head to the airport. By booking later flights, waiting around might suck, but you can at least relax instead of rushing. 

All in all, enjoy the race, appreciate the moments of it and make sure you do not stress yourself out. It will make for a better race weekend and you will be much happier that you were able to focus on your race day plan. 

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