Up Up and Away!

Ok. So I want to preface this by saying I know about the article that was written in regards to the toxic office culture that took place at Away. I understand that it wasn't a healthy environment to work in, BUT, I just love their luggage. I have tried Tumi, Samsonite and other brands before. This is by far the best, most colorful and smartly made luggage. From the backpacks to the totes, the carryons with battery compartments to larger luggage with compression capability and dirty laundry sections, I love Away. The wheels move with such ease and are fast (I have used in DC commuting to the metro to catch my flight) and above all, the suitcase is actually quite lite in weight.

I purchased my first Away bag at the suggestion of my friend and I was in such awe upon opening. I purchased the Bigger Carry-On in light blue with the battery and I can't tell you how many people complimented me on the color of my bag alone. It definitely stands out. From the canvas bag it arrived in, to the instructions on how to set up your TSA lock and all the different compartments. I was so excited to take it with me on my first adventure. So much so that I have since added the Everywhere Bag (featured above) and the Expandable Medium in Navy for my bigger trips. One thing I love above away luggage is the fold into each other to pack away nicely. Now granted, the bigger carry on fits a bit tight in the expandable medium in case anyone was wondering, but I was able to make it fit.

Now the price points:

The Bigger Carry-On- $245

The Expandable Medium- $325

Everywhere Bag- $195

I was able to purchase the expandable medium with my Amex Green when they were offering the $100 off credit applied when purchased and I found a $20 off coupon so I ended up saving myself $120.

But overall, I am extremely pleased with this luggage so much so that my brother got a Bigger Carry-On as well and I'm sure my other family members are right behind him once their Samsonites fall apart (mine did hence the purchase.) If you are interested in changing up your luggage style and would like an extra $20 off- click here- give Away a try!

*All of these opinions are my own, no one asked me to write this review

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