Thoughts From Erin: Migraines

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

This has nothing to do with training but it has everything to do with it. Recently I have been suffering from migraines or acute headaches. I have experience headaches but nothing like this before and its really killing me because:

  1. It makes working out impossible and

  2. I can not have my wine

It has been the most annoying and painful experience because it was just constant, never going away. With dehydration headaches, they typically disappear after you drink water or sleep or both. This has postponed my training longer after taking a week off from IMNC and made doing work very challenging.

It started off in the back of the head, moved to above my left eye, in between both eyes, my right eye, my temple and has settled there. I hope once this is gone, these headaches don’t come back but if it does, I have found that essential oils on the temple have helped me. Maybe through relaxation or the smells, but it has helped me feel better. For those of you who experience migraines or acute headaches… what remedy works for you?

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