The Motigo App

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

During a race, have you ever wanted to have your friends or family call and cheer you on while running? Well, Motigo has designed an app to do just that. It is the first personalized motivational running app. What I like about the app is that it tells you the day before the race, how many cheers you have waiting for you. After downloading it, the user can select the event or events that they are running and use the built-in social features to invite their friends and family to record personalized cheers.

I got to test out the app at a few races I have run in this year, and it is very exciting but also great to hear messages from your friends and family. My friends and family had a blast leaving me messages and I loved hearing their support and love while running in a race.

These personal pre-recorded messages are delivered to the runners at pre-selected mile markers points throughout any race. If you are using the app, you can sync it to run alongside your music and when it is time to play a cheer, Motigo lowers the volume of your music so you can hear the message. In order for your friends and family to send you messages, they need to have the app as well. Motigo will also email your friends and family who left you a message and let them know you heard it. The downside, of this email feature, is that it will also let them know every time you play the message, even when the race is over. So in case you play it over and over again, be aware they will receive an email each time. Want to try it out? Click on the link here. It is free to download the app, and you get your first five cheers for free.

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