The Feel Good Story of the Month: This 85-Year-Old Is Kicking Butt and Taking Names

If you pay attention to the Ironman World Championships every year, then you have heard of Lew Hollander.  The 85-year-old has raced on the big island 23 times and is going for his 24th on October 10th. Yes, you read that correctly, 24th. What’s hilarious is that he actually doesn’t prefer the race because of it’s tough elements which caused him to drop out of the bike last year due to intense winds. But, he does it anyways.  Not only does he hold the Guinness World Record as the oldest man to finish the Ironman World Championship, but he is trying to prove that breaking barriers in age are possible. He may be able to finish the race distance, but he isn’t worried about his time or speed.  A physicist for his career, he views endurance sports as a way to extend one’s life. Hollander, who’s athletic background is in endurance horseback riding, has completed other endurance races besides triathlons including the Western States 100-mile race. But for an 85-year-old who has been racing for more than 50 years, he doesn’t plan on giving up anytime soon.  His method of training? He listens to his body and if he isn’t feeling well, he doesn’t do anything. But when he does train, he works out about three hours a day.  So what type of advice does he give to those like himself? Go anaerobic every day and use it or lose it. He uses his body every day and, as a result, his body has not cut out on him.  Make sure to cheer on Lew next weekend when he starts in the 85-89 age group in Kona.

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