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The Biggest Pet Peeves of Runners and Triathletes, Part 2

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

To follow up part 1, here is part 2. 6. Getting honked at.  Whether on the bike or on feet, getting honked at to get out of the road is not only annoying but scary. Cars are a lot heavier and can cause more damage and some of us know at least 1 person who was involved in a car accident. To those drivers, please use the three feet rule when passing and cyclist and please do not honk your horn at us. Yes, runners can jump onto the grass but if you live in a neighborhood without a sidewalk or shoulder, running in the street will happen. So pay attention! 7. Wearing new gear, better yet race event gear, on race day.  There are many people who love to wear race even gear on race day. First off, chafing hello? Second, you should never run in something new, not only is it bad luck, but you never know how it will work out on race day. That and if you haven’t finished the race, you technically can’t wear a finishers shirt.  8. GPS watch malfunctioning/finding a signal If you have a GPS watch, chances are you have experienced that moment when you lose a signal or a signal can’t be found and you are about to start the race or are already running. If you want to try avoiding this, turn on your watch an hour before to connect to the satellites and hope that you don’t lose a signal come start time.

9. That Person Yelling You’re Almost There…When you’re not.

Yes it has happened to many of us, but the one time in particular I remember the most was at the NYC Tri last summer and I was a mile from the finish when some guy yelled your almost there less than a half a mile! My GPS watch lost its signal so I was not sure where I was mileage wise so of course I believed him. After starting to run faster so that I could sprint to the finish, I realized he was wrong about his mileage and that pissed me off. So please, unless you know you are near the finish, don’t say you’re almost there.  10. Your running socks go missing in the dryer. So this is just me but I buy special socks for running and cycling and working out. It drives me nuts when I do a load of laundry and there is one sock that does not come out. This messes up everything for my running especially because the socks are anatomically correct.  What annoys you? Share in the comments below!

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