The Best Wireless Headsets

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

I love to run with music but I was always finding that my headphones would stop working because of the sweat and moisture or I would lose them. After trying out many brands and researching I have found that wireless Bluetooth headphones are a great option because you don't have to worry about the outlets becoming unplugged due to yanking. The downside is you have to recharge them because they will die. These are my top favorite Bluetooth headphones and I give you the positives and negatives of each brand.

1. Red Fox EDGE - $99.99 RedFox created the Edge to help athletes be worry-free about running and listening to music. Pairing the headset is simple and once you do so, you can listen to music, make and receive phone calls and go about your day. Reasons I love this headset are:

They are so comfortable you won't even notice they are there. The headphones are very easy to use, comfortable and the setup process is simple. The headphones are designed to stay in place for hours and on one single charge.The earbuds can rotate to your preference.You have the option to have the headphones sit above your ears or under.The headphones are coated with IPX4 to protect against sweat and moisture.The Negatives?The earbuds come in one size fits allThey may not fit everyone's head and they aren't adjustable.

2. JayBird BlueBuds X- $169.99 There are so many headphones options to choose from, but the BlueBuds X are a wonderful choice. The BlueBuds X provide incredible comfort and sound to make your runs easy and enjoyable. Some of the reasons I love these headphones are:

  1. The wire is adjustable 

  2. The setup process is easy just make sure the Bluetooth option is on.

  3. The headphones come with three sets of earbuds and ear-pieces based on the size of your ear. 

  4. The microphone and plastic piece can take and make calls as well as adjust the volume. 

  5. If you are a USATriathlon member, they offer 20% off or sometimes if they are at an expo, there will be a discount provided already. 

The negatives?

  1. The battery life isn’t very long

  2. The earbuds and earpieces can fall off easily and when you go to purchase a replacement, you have to buy the whole set rather than just one size. 

Jabra SPORT PULSE- $199.99

The Jabra Pulse is a great pair of headphones as well, but I like to call these my headphones on steroids because they offer more options than I have ever experienced before. Not only is the sound wonderful and clear but the headphones are very comfortable. Want more reasons why these are a great set of headphones?

  1. The headphones provide a heart rate monitor built into the earpiece.

  2. If you download the app, it will show you the battery life, GPS map as well as heart-rate.

  3. The battery life is pretty long.  

  4. The mouthpiece has a microphone, the ability to make and recieve calls, change the volume and songs.  

The negatives?

  1. If you use the app, it can drain the battery on your phone because it is using GPS.

  2. The wire is not adjustable

  3. The pairing process can be challenging to figure out if you are trying to set up the headphones to multiple devices.

If you are looking for a wireless headset to run in, these headphones are a great option. 

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