The 5 Most Common Runner Mistakes That Everyone Makes

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Your new year’s resolution was to start running, and you are excited to get started. But the problem most new runners face is that there are not aware of the mistakes they will make from the get go. It’s ok, everyone makes mistakes. But to be prepared and try to help you throughout the running process, here are the 5 most common mistakes that runners make. 

1. Wearing the Wrong Shoes You have a pair of sneakers for walking around right? Why not run in them? Wrong. You have no idea what kind of running pain will flare up if you do not get the proper shoe fit. It will make your running a lot easier on your stride and your joint

2. Not wearing the right gear

To bounce off of the first topic, that cotton shirt and 2-year-old sports bra are not going to cut it while out for a run. The cotton shirt will weigh you down, be soaked in sweat while that sports bra will cause your breasts to hurt with all of the bouncing and loss of support. Invest in some moisture wicking clothes, undergarments, socks (Feetures duh!) and cold gear if you live somewhere like the North. This will make your ride more comfortable and enjoyable because there will be no chafing and ultimately you’re the end of your first run will not be painful when you hit the showers.

3. Take rest days

These moments are incredibly important for training because it gives your body and your legs time to rest. This will make you more refreshed when its time to run again.

4. Do not compare yourself to other runners

You are out for a run, and someone passes you with a stronger stride and endurance. Do not focus on them! Focus on you! You just started running! Remember that because the person who just passed you has probably been running longer. You will get to that point eventually, just enjoy the journey and the process of becoming a stronger runner.

5. Do not do too much too soon/lack of training

You bought all the gear and want to run! So you decide to run 3-5 miles after years of not running at all. Probably not a good idea and you will realize this after the first mile. Try the run-walk approach in the beginning while you build up your stamina and endurance. Set weekly goals of miles to run in a certain amount of time and once you hit that goal, up the ante. Too often runners go out too fast and too hard with a lack of training. This may ultimately upset you and cause you to quit early. Take it easy, and consider downloading the couch the 5K app to help you with your training.

Overall, enjoy the process but don’t get upset. Building a base takes time, but once you do, it will be all downhill!

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