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Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Made for combination, oily or dry skin types, I use this product first thing in the morning to clean the dead skin cells off my face and wake it up with its natural exfoliators. The microspherical beads leave my skin feeling soft, supple and glowing while being very gentle. The formula buffs, polishes and plumps, which no surprise makes it a Best Selling Cleanser.

The ingredients in this cleanser detoxify and increase circulation while protecting the skin against aging. My skin responds really well to this product and I have not had any adverse reactions given my sensitive skin issues.

If you aren't 100% ready to drop $84 on this product, Tata sells a smaller size for $42 and a travel size option where you can test out other Tata products as well.

Make sure you check out her products because I have absolutely noticed a difference in my complexion after using them. I also love that they are organic and made with botanical ingredients. This product can be used every day, AM and PM, just apply to dry skin and massage to activate!

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