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Updated: Dec 30, 2019

I visited my local Swimbox after my friend Cynthia (YouSignedUpForWhat) tried it out, I decided that maybe this was a good thing for me to do.

The swim has always been my worst asset in triathlons. I don’t consider myself to be very fast and as much as I train, I always seem to throw everything I learned out the window. My breathing changes, my stroke, and I want to get better. So I booked a training session at swimbox, where I swam in a treadmill pool and the instructor videotaped me from different angles and underwater.

Afterward, there were a lot of recommendations of things I can change to improve. I have adjusted my stroke over the years, but man this was a knock on the head with how many comments there were. But it was one of those situations where I thought, there is a lot for me to improve on and maybe these are the specific things I need to fix to become a more efficient swimmer.

So, with that said, I will be back. I decided to sign up for some lessons, yes lessons, at 30, to become a better swimmer and compete more with the new age group I just entered.

Facts about the analysis:

  1. It was free! How can you say no to a free analysis

  2. They don’t pressure you to spend money immediately or sign up for lessons. However, when you hear what you can improve on, with the footage to back it up, it makes sense to come back for more.

  3.  They send you the video and analysis via email letting you know about items to improve upon.

So for myself, those corrections were:

1. Recovery:

  • My arms are swinging out and around, and I need to bring the arms forward by pushing my elbow forward and telling myself that my “elbow should lead the hand” and then enter fingertips, wrist, elbow.

2. Core: 

  • Since I already engage my core, I need to think about how to eliminate the arch in my lower back.   

3. Head Position:

  • Make sure I am looking down at the bottom of the pool and rotate my head without lifting up. The top of the head should always remain pointing forward. Therefore, I want to keep my head as low as possible when taking a breath so I can continue to stay streamlined.

I highly recommend visiting a Swimbox near you and giving them a try. Even if it is just to see how you swim and tip to improve if you are already very knowledgeable about it because, at the end of the day, it is nice to see how efficient you are and are not.

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