Stratton Faxon Fairfield Half Marathon

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Fairfield, CT

June 23rd, 2012

Finish time: 1:53:23

AG 20-29- 104

It’s very hard in the beginning to understand that the whole idea is not to beat the other runners. Eventually, you learn that the competition is against the little voice inside you that wants you to quit.

This race was one where I felt like quitting. The temperatures were in the 80s, steep inclines on every mile and around mile 5 I felt very uneasy and faint. But that didn’t stop me. I grabbed some Gatorade, water and kept going. I made it a point never to pull out. Even if I had to walk out the water stops and give my body a second to catch up I was not going to quit. Quitting is not in my vocabulary.

Whoever decided to start this race at 8:30 was a moron because by that time I was already sweating profusely. I literally felt like I sweat everything out of my body during this race and let’s just say this was definitely my worse time ever. So note to self, don’t run any races after the month of may in the mid-Atlantic.

But besides the mental toughness, this one was definitely physically tough.When I pick out races I usually try to find ones that are pretty, scenic, flat and fast. Well, this race was very pretty and scenic but not flat. The first mile was flat for sure but after that the course quickly changed to steep inclines on basically every mile and then downhill, flat for a second then another hill. Because the race was so beautiful running past marinas, inlets, rivers, golf courses, mansions, I tried not to focus on the steep hills coming up. Not only was the course beautiful but it seemed that the entire town of Fairfield came out to cheer on all the runners. 

Families on their lawns with sprinklers to cool off the runners, kids in their bathing suits with water guns, little girls handing out lemonade and water at their tables along the route, the Lululemon girls with their party zone offering sponges, It was probably the most I have ever looked around at a race because it was so adorable but also incredibly nice. Spectators and volunteers really make a race and these people did an outstanding job.

I loved that the fire departments were also out along the course in case anyone passed out from the heat (which people did) and provided sprinklers and hoses to cool us off. That and at the finish line there was a HUGE massage tent with lots of therapists present so that the lines didn’t take over an hour. What I didn’t understand was the fact that this race allowed kids and teenagers (under the age of 16) to race. As a result, you saw a lot of young girls passing out because they didn’t know how to stay hydrated while running. my guess is most of these girls were on track teams.

The race started a block away from the beach with the men starting at one spot and the women in another. We merged close to mile one but still it was very strange. Bib pick up was offered the day of the race, parking was not an issue as there were many options, but the start time seemed WAY too late especially with the heat.  the race basically ended parallel to it. So it was nice to go hang out there afterward with a few booths and a band. Whole foods provided the post race food which was a very large collection. Some good, Some not so good but still lots of food options including pizza, bagels, bananas, power bars etc…

Perks: The scenery, parking, bib pick up day of, availability of hydration and cooling stations, the spectators, massage tent

Ehh..Not a fan: start time of race, course inclines, minimum age requirement

Final Grade: B Overall this race was very well run, very prepared and gorgeous, even though the course elevation sucked.

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