St Louis Half Marathon

Updated: Dec 29, 2019


Go! St. Louis Half Marathon

April 8, 2018

St Louis, MO

Final Time: 1:47:09

Our journey to complete 50 half marathons in 50 states took us to Missouri recently where the family competed in the Go! St. Louis Half Marathon. We headed out to St. Louis on Saturday for our Sunday race. Temperatures were calling for cold, very cold, like 28 degrees at the start cold. So that was fun.

We booked a hotel by the start and finish line which was very convenient as the race start line was right outside our door. It was also one of the host hotels which turned out to be great because the race provided free shuttles to and from the expo. This meant we could wake up later and stay warm since it was very cold beforehand. The expo was fine, nothing that great in terms of stands.

The race began a block or two away from the Arch (which wasn’t open due to renovation) and took us on a tour of St. Louis, into Indiana for a brief moment (not the prettiest sites I will say) and then continued on past the Cardinals baseball stadium, through the Budweiser plant, into pretty neighborhoods and finished right in front of the Arch. The start line I was not crazy about because it was not very wide to fit people in and very cramped. The course consisted of rolling hills throughout which I handled fine but at mile 8, my stomach began bothering me and unfortunately, at mile 12 I couldn’t hold it in anymore and had to stop. Mile 12 I know. I was frustrated too, but I wasn’t going to make it to the finish. The course had spectators throughout but wasn’t packed. Probably because of how cold it was outside so thank you to those who did come out.

The finish line had some of the best food though. St. Louis is famous for its Ted Drewes frozen custard and Toasted Ravioli. Now I am not one to eat frozen custard when it’s freezing outside or ravioli (because tomato, cheese and meat) but I tried to custard later after taking a warm shower. Holy crap it was good! A definite treat after finishing the race.

I was not impressed with the medals as I felt they were kind of plain jane but they had heat sheets at the end so thank you to the race organizers!

Overall, the race I felt was fine, not one of my favorites but the post-race custard was a great surprise.

Perks: post-race food, running by baseball stadium and through Budweiser HQ, the finish line

Ehh… not a fan: Medals, starting line, expo

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