Some Thoughts From Erin: Sponsorship/Ambassador Updates

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

I am incredibly excited to announce that I have signed on with two new companies to represent them as their ambassador on their team of athletes for 2016. They are… ISM™ and Honey Stinger! I am so excited and honored to join such great companies providing the best gear and nutrition for endurance athletes.

If you haven't ridden a bicycle with an ISM™ saddle before, then you are not riding the right way. ISM™ which also stands for Innovative SaddleMaker was created after the owner went out for a bike ride and was once again uncomfortable due to the saddle he was riding. He wanted to design a seat that would eliminate the discomfort that cyclists experience. He did and the cycling industry has changed forever.

I have been a huge fan and rider of ISM.™ After purchasing my first tri-bike, I found I could not ride longer than 30 miles without being in pain due to the saddle I was riding. I researched the saddles out there for a better option, found ISM™and I have ridden it ever since. I will never ride another saddle. ISM™makes their saddle.

Honey Stinger makes organic, nutritional products in the forms of gels, chews, wafers and bars and they are all made with honey! Honey is a natural sweetener, rich in carbohydrates, and perfect for eating before, during and after activity. If there is one brand of nutritional products that I love and don’t have digestion problems with, it is Honey Stinger. The products taste great, fuel me through my Ironmans and marathons and I love that it is made with Honey and not a processed sugar. I am excited to join the Hive (name of ambassadors) and will continue training and racing with it for 2016.

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