Smuttynose Rockfest Half Marathon

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Rockfest Half Marathon

Hampton, NH

October 5th, 2014

 Finish time: 1:46:19

A crisp cool morning, windy but sunny and a perfect day for a race. Seeing as I just finished Ironman Augusta the weekend before, I went into this one to take my time, not push myself, and just enjoy it. The day before it was gross, rainy and foggy. Thankfully the weather changed for the better.

The race was interesting in the beginning. It started with a two loop for the first 3 miles, then it was a straight shot down the main road, inland and then back to the main strip. It was very flat and the roads were well paved. It must have been high tide because the water was coming over parts of the course. The spectators were wonderful, the signs were funny, and the course was beautiful. I will say that taking my time and enjoying the race was great because I actually paid attention to everything instead of my pacing.

The mileage was off on the watch vs the mile markers and at the end my watch said 13.05. So not sure what happened. Once I finished, I headed straight for the lobster roll tent, I mean that is the reason why I signed up for this race. Somehow my time was actually really good. 1:46:19! Like I was taking my time and not pushing hard. The medal was huge and the post race food was ok. Because the race started at 8 a.m., I went back to the hotel to shower so that I could get out of there before my mom finished. Overall, the race was beautiful, the town didn't have much to it, but it was a very easy and fun race. Perks: lobster roll, medal, course. Our hotel was right by the start. Road closures, Ehhh...not a fan: The rest of the post race food, finish line set up, Grade: A

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