Siesta Key Beach Sprint Triathlon

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Sarasota, FL June 29th, 2013 Sprint Distance 1/4 Mile Swim, 12.4 Mile Bike, 3.1 Mile Run Finish Time: 1:15:04 Overall: 3rd

What a day and what a race! I did not expect to do as well as I did, given the oceans were stirring up a storm. The race took place on Siesta Key and consisted of a duathlon, sprint, and Olympic triathlon. I raced the sprint distance and I am very happy I did as those who were swimming in the Olympic distance, had the currents going against them and a lot of people were dropping out. Multirace put on the event and overall I thought they did a great job, but it would be nicer if they had paid the permits to block off traffic. The run took place on the beach on packed sand thank god. However the first part of it I was going against the wind, so when I made the turn I picked up the pace mainly because it was easier and the wind was going with me.  

This race was a C race but also a practice race to an extent. I wanted to practice swimming with a speed suit, powering through on the bike and picking up my speed on the run. I have nationals in august and worlds in September and all of this is practice for when I compete on race day.

Swim: 12:45

My swim time was very slow given the conditions and the waves. Plus I haven’t really swam in a while so that may have made an impact but I felt strong and was one of the first people on the beach.

T1- :58

I was very happy with my transition time given the fact that I had on a speed suit and even though I felt slow but my methods worked for me once again and I was one of the fastest T1 times. 

Bike: 36:09

The bike ride, unfortunately, was not closed off to motorists so I was not too thrilled about that and having to avoid them but they were patient and not to crazy as they saw a triathlon taking place with all of the cyclists. I have been living in Sarasota and more specifically on they key so I have been able to practice these routes every day. My focus on the bike was power, so every chance I got, I would leap frog the person in front of me and move on to the next. I could have been a tad bit faster, but there were some turns and, of course, the cars. 

T2- :36

BOOM! Once again in and out of transition. Plus I was running in my pure connects as this run was on the beach and I experimented before with my newtons and sand. So I figured I would give these shoes a shot at their sand handling. But that, of course, meant practicing getting into them in transition and for some reason the tongue is shaped oddly which makes it difficult to get into the shoe.

Run: 24:30

Again the first part of the run was against the wind so my pace slowed down, but once I hit the turnaround I kicked it up and ran faster. Again this race was to practice my bricks and power. I could have run faster and should have, but the conditions weren’t too favorable.

Finish: 1:15:04

Somehow I finished third overall. No idea how that happened but I’m content! This was a really beautiful race, even though I would have preferred biking on a traffic free course, but it was beautiful. Sarasota is gorgeous and I get to train here every day this summer. Perks…: Beautiful location, nice course, Ehh… Not a Fan: run on sand, bike course open to traffic, medal, post race food Grade: B 

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