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Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Since I started running again thanks in part to my running streak, I have been able to test out this running belt from the folks at GoVivo! After running with it, I believe that this belt would be a great addition to those runners who like to carry all of their items separate from each other but don’t want to carry five different packs on their running belts (Yes I am talking to you mom).

GoVivo! a Canadian company designed this belt to be a great option for those who like to separate their gels from their keys, cell phone (talking iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in a case) or music playing device with two separate pockets. The first pocket is bigger, with the zipper right at the top which allows for easy access while also providing more protection from sweat for your valuables inside. The second pocket is made of a see-through mesh material, perfect for your nutrition and chapstick which means no more digging around! I love that the zipper is right at the top because there have been numerous times when I unzip my running belt and drop my chapstick, almost lose my hotel key or cash all to get out my phone or gels. This way you can separate them and not have to worry about losing anything.

This belt is made with a water resistant material and also has adjustable straps to fit people of all different sizes and it's a nice, flexible material that is comfortable on the skin. I LOVE that it is fully adjustable on both sides instead of just in the front because that way it stays on the waist/hips area and doesn't move around a lot. It is on the bigger side and similar in size to the Nathan Sports 5K, but I found the 5K to be a bit heavier and thicker of a material, hence why it is for shorter distances and walking.

For those of you looking to carry a bit more while running, this is a great belt to own. However, if you are one who likes to run with a smaller belt, then I would definitely check out GoVivo's! other running belt that is thinner with two separate expandable zippered pockets. I really like this option for longer distances because I don't like to run with a lot of extra weight around my waist. Both of these options along with other GoVivo! products are currently available on Amazon.

All content and opinions are my own based on my own experiences and have not been influenced by outside sources. 

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