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Rock N Roll USA Half Marathon

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Half Marathon Washington, DC

March 15, 2014

AG Place- 138/2807 Chip Time: 1:44:27

I am so incredibly sorry it has taken my this long to post my race recap but when you are writing a thesis at the same time, other things are forgotten. Anywho, I ran the Rock n Roll USA half marathon in march and since this race was in my backyard, it was just any old day of running. I woke up that morning at 5:30 to try and get to the start line around 6:30. The race started at 7:30 and it was a nice 45 degrees in the morning. My mom and brother also ran the race so I met up with them for a brief moment at the corrals but I had to go to the bathroom so I said good luck.

FYI, the lines were long, there weren’t many bathrooms close to the front corrals but if you walk a block away you will find more port o potties. The race started on Constitution right by the white house which was a very cool start. Where else can you run by history and famous landmarks? The course begins by taking you up 19th for a quick loop which then circled back around to Constitution. We ran for a half a mile before we turned onto Henry Bacon, over the bridge to Arlington and, of course, looped back around. Afterward, we were on Rock Creek Parkway for a couple of miles. Rock creek is close to where I live which made it easy for my boyfriend to come out and cheer me on while also collecting some clothes that I did not need.  This area is also a great viewing area for friends and family.  The only thing I did not know going into this race was the HILL at mile 6. Man did that suck. It was a straight incline where some people were walking faster than the runners, that kind of hill. After that, the course ran through Adams Morgan, Howard University where there was an awesome drum line and I really wanted to stop and watch. Many folks were out in this area handing out fruit, booze and the regular water and Gatorade drinks. By this point, you have hit 9 miles before you turn onto North Capitol street. This part of the course is the same as the original race was when I ran it back in 2011 but was not a Rock n Roll. My IT band started to bother me for some strange reason, but I kept pushing through.

The race ended next to RFK Stadium in a parking lot and it was there that I met back up with the family and tried to warm up. It was a tad bit chilly when I finished the race but the sun came out and we got to listen to the Head and the Heart perform, the band for this race. 

My official time was 1:44:27 with a distance of 13.35 miles. A friend of mine ran the full marathon and she said her watched recorded 27 miles. So for this race I am going off of watch time and with that said I PR’d this race with a time of 1:42:40. I am extremely happy I beat my time, the conditions were great and I had put in the training I wanted to, especially in the city where the race was run. The course ending I will say was not glorious compared to the rest of the course that we ran by but what can you do? Perks: Beginning, of course, has quite the sites, nice medal, post-race band Ehh… Not a Fan: the hill at mile 6, point to point course, post-race food Grade: B+

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