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Rock Hall Sprint Triathlon

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Rock Hall, MD 

June 3rd, 2012

Sprint Triathlon 

750-meter swim, 15-mile bike, 5k run

Finish Time: 1:25:12

Overall Women’s Finish- 11th

AG (25-29)- 2nd place

“A man can be as great as he wants to be. If you believe in yourself and have the courage, the determination, the dedication, the competitive drive and if you are willing to sacrifice the little things in life and pay the price for the things that are worthwhile, it can be done. – Vince Lombardi

Race Day:  The Rock Hall Sprint Triathlon is part of the MD Triathlon series by Set Up Events. A smaller but very well run management company. The triathlon is one of two for the weekend. Saturday they hold an Olympic distance and Sunday is a sprint distance. The nice part about this race is that it starts at 9:00 am and is not a far drive from where I live so I was able to drive out that morning and drive back right after.

Rock Hall is a cute little town right on the water of the Chesapeake. with not much traffic or people for that matter. reminds me of Havre De Grace if anyone has ever been there. 

Check-in that morning was very easy, I went to registration, picked up my bibs and gift bag (they sadly ran out of shirts my size and said they would mail, have yet to receive it). Afterward, I was marked, picked up my chip and went to rack my bike. The racks were set up to have at least 5 bikes per rack but because of a mix-up there was only 4, so more space for my area.

Swim- 13:54

The swim was a water start instead of a beach run in so it was nice to switch things up and try something new. I didn’t mind the water start at all as there was a lot of space to spread out. it was also a wave start with 5 waves total and I was in the second. The Swim was in the marina which made things interesting because they were allowing boats into the inlet right up until the race started so at one point I did taste the gasoline from the boats. It was overall pretty easy. Just follow the buoys on your left. The only part that got tricky was when the current kicked in and kept pushing me away from the buoys on the last 500 yards or so. The only part I didn’t enjoy was literally jumping out of the water at the finish because there were two steps to get out of the water and at my height it was a tad bit difficult.

T1- 2:04

The run from the swim to transition area was rather long but it was nice because the timing mats were at the end of the swim and right before the transition area, so the run in between wasn’t included.

Other than the street running the rest was grass. The only part in transition I had trouble with was taking my wetsuit off because the chip got stuck on the end of my leg.

Bike- 45:33

The bike portion was through flats and rolling hills which I didn't mind. The wind, however, was not very much fun to deal with. I also didn't realize how strong I was compared to other competitors because I was passing people constantly who were in my wave and the one before. I only saw a few men passing me on the course. The course was marked every 5 miles with spray paint on the pavement. At every turn, there were policemen and volunteers helping so it wasn't difficult knowing where to go when there was a big gap in between cyclists. The only part I had trouble with was putting my feet in my shoes while on the bike. But practice makes perfect.

T2- :59

The bike to run transition was very easy and much faster than my previous race. No jello legs this time.

Run- 22:45

By the time the run started, it was definitely warmer out but I only needed to stop for water once, mainly to cool off. I was able to keep a consistent 7:20 pace but if I had known that the girl who beat me for first in my division came in 12 seconds ahead I would’ve run a little faster.

The run course was also marked with spray paint and they had volunteers at 2 spots with water and Gatorade because you pass them twice.

When I came across the finish line my mom had informed me that I was one of the first 10 women to come in and that was very exciting to hear, but what I cared about more was my age group place since I was hoping for top 3. Well, I did it. I placed 2nd.  And to think how much of a difference 2 months can make in training. I was presented with a plaque and beer glass and honored in the ceremony after everyone had finished the race. Rock Hall was a beautiful town and a great place to race and I look forward to more events done by Setup. Perks...: Great post race food, nice course, wonderful location Ehh... Not a Fan: not closed to traffic, the awards ceremony took place after last person finished. Grade: A-

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