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Rock Hall Sprint Triathlon

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Rock Hall Sprint

750-meter swim, 15-mile bike, 5k run June 1st, 2014 Finish Time: 1:24:44 AG- 3rd

I did this race in 2012 and I loved it. But since I was in Florida last summer, I wasn't able to do it again. I stayed in Chestertown the night before so the drive was only 20 minutes to the race Sunday morning. There were many more people this year racing and a larger transition area. I found my spot and counted to the rack it was so I would know where to turn.

Swim- 15:55

The water this year was very cold however, I got sunburnt the day before so it was actually quite refreshing.  A lovely 68 degrees. My swim sucked though. It in the marina and some of the girls did not know how to swim straight so I got bumped into a lot. 

T1- 1:39

The run from the swim to transition area was long but it was nice because the timing mats were at the end of the swim and right before the transition area, so the run in between wasn't included. The only part in transition I had trouble with was taking my wetsuit off because my watch got stuck on my wrist however i was still able to have the 3rd fastest transition time of the day. 

Bike- 43:35

The bike portion was through flats and rolling hills. Not much wind but the course was open to cars so the windiest parts were when the cars and trucks drove by and blew me around. Once again, I was pedaling very strong and passing a bunch of people. The course was marked from what I could see at mile 5 marker and that was it. There was, however, a policeman at every turn and volunteers helping so it wasn't difficult knowing where to go when there was a big gap in between cyclists. 

T2- :52

The bike to run transition was faster than the last rock hall race, had some issues with putting on my shoes but still a good time.

Run- 22:45

Same as before, the run wasn't too warm but the sun was. I got hit was a left side stitch then a right. It could have been a faster run but those silly stitches, oh and did I mention the car in the run lane. Yeah that was nice. The run course was marked with spray paint and there were two water spots. Only needed a little water at the second one. I placed 3rd for my age group and even though my swim time sucked I was content with that. Cool awards also this year! Once again a great race and definitely excited to race it again. Perks...: Wonderful course, traffic control, post race food, great location, awesome award Ehh... Not a Fan: Roads open to traffic Grade: A

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