Review of the The Source Dune X-Fit Hydration Pack

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

The Source Dune X-Fit Hydration Pack is a one of a kind runners backpack perfect for endurance and extreme sports. The Dune X-Fit fits comfortably and snug against an athletes back as it was originally designed to move naturally with every step a runner takes thanks to its X-Fit straps. The way the pack sits is high enough on the back that it didn’t interfere with the stride or balance. The elastic chest straps were an excellent combination of comfort and stretch because I was able to breath and move without constriction. The hip pockets were easily accessible during the run, there was no feeling of bouncing, and I appreciated the zip closure as I did not have to worry about anything falling out. The hip pockets can fit a large cell phone as well as gels and bars for those long runs. Overall, the amount of pockets available in the Dune X-Fit were awesome as it was large enough to fit an extra pair of socks, a map and a lightweight jacket. It included at magnetic clip for the tube so they could easily pull it away from the shoulder strap. The locking system on the Helix bite valve was impressive because I did not have to worry about there water leaking thanks to its safety shutoff mode. The Dune X-Fit came with a 1.5 L hydration bladder and because of its excellent design, I could not feel the water sloshing around inside. It was very easy to take out and put back in. Source’s Quick Connect hose fitting was a welcome surprise because it was designed with a push button for easy attachment and removal.  Ultimately, this is a great hydration pack and highly recommended.

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