Guerlain Abeille Royale

Ok so I am obsessed. I have been using Guerlain products for YEARS and recently I looked into using more products that really hunker down and help with age prevention. The Abeille Royale line, which is made from honey, was the next step in the line of Guerlain products for me to try. I like to try out new things don't get me wrong, but when it comes to tried and true, Guerlain is my # 1. So when I tested out the products recently after a day in the sun, I was shocked at how calm and not red my face looked that I was sold. So for this review, I will go through items from the product line I tried out and am currently using, not just one item.

Honey Nectar Lotion- $47

This lotion is not what you would expect from a lotion. It is a liquid, watery almost but infuses the skin with a hit of moisture and nutrients. I typically use this after I cleanse in the evening as a type of treatment and my skin feels instantly hydrated and smooth.

Youth Watery Oil - $74.45

This oil as Guerlain says "has the power of a serum, richness of an oil and freshness of a tone." When I use it, it is incredibly soft, soaks right in and has definitely helped to revitalize my skin overnight. Make sure to massage into the skin.

Daily Repair Serum- $104

When I am done applying the lotion, I apply the serum. Meant to help prevent the signs of aging by firming and toning, my skin looks more plump, has more elasticity and minimizes fine lines.

Gold Eyetech Eye Sculpt Serum- $88

Built with a unique applicator that cools the skin with its cold touch and a massaging technique, it helps reduce puffiness and dark circles. My skin feels so good and my under-eye looks better after being applied. I especially love the cold touch!

Yes these products are very expensive but when I first applied all of these in order I will say, I noticed an immediate change in my complexion. I had just been in the sun and was a bit red, and all of a sudden my skin tone was calmer and it actually felt like the hydration and nutrients from all of these products made a different.

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