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Rev 3 Williamsburg

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Rev 3 Williamsburg

Olympic Distance  July 10, 2016

AG- 2nd

Finish Time: 2:37:03

Williamsburg is the cutest little town and I loved doing this race there. The venue was perfect, everything was run incredibly smooth and the race was a definite favorite. 

Mom and I arrived on Saturday in Williamsburg and went straight to packet pickup. We got stuck in some traffic on the way down so I was ready to get to the venue and get my stuff before we went to eat. We stayed at the Embassy Suites which was a 20-minute drive to the venue but a lot of people stayed at our hotel and it was an easy drive so a definite recommendation.  The expo required you to attended the mandatory athlete info session which was informative especially since I had so much going on in June that I did not have time to do my research on the race. I also decided that since I was not mentally prepared to do a half rev, I chose to go down in distance to the Olympic. I am very happy I did as it was very hot out leading up to the race and race day. 

After packet pickup, I went a racked my bike in my own little spot with my name designated to it. I loved this feature about Rev. Instead of feeling all squished like you are in Ironman races, you have your own spot and place for your items. I was in the section with all of the Half racers because they weren't going to move me around that day. Mom and I then went and ate lunch, I took a nap and we then got dinner in downtown Williamsburg.  The next morning was a refreshing later wake up because I was in the Olympic race so I had a later transition exit time. Which meant I did not need to get to transition at the crack of dawn. We drove to the venue where there was parking on site and I went to prepare my spot. I then went to the swim start and watched fellow SOAS Heather race in the Half distance. I had about an hour wait before they sent off the Olympic distance swimmers.

Swim: 22:26 They said there was current for the swim and I definitely felt it. I will say this though about the Olympic distance, I am not a fan of the swim length. Mainly because you are so close to swimming a mile yet the bike and run are less than half of 70.3 races. They should adjust the swim in my opinion for this distance. But anyways, it was a nice calm, clearish swim and very warm. As you can see I was wearing my Xterra Speedsuit because the water temp was above 80. I wish there were more sighting buoys for the exit because it was hard to see.

T1: 1:22 I had a speedy transition in this race even with the run from swim exit to transition. But the transition area was easy to navigate, not very big and I was racked closer to the swim exit and run out. The tri clubs were all in an area together closer the bike out. 

Bike: 1:22:31 This bike course was supposed to be 27 miles and I clocked 29 on my GPS. Now typically my run GPS can be off, but not the bike, so there was definitely an added 2 miles in there. The bike course was easy with some rollers and hills including the bridge you go over in the beginning and end, but it was OPEN to traffic which I did not like. There were some roads that I did not enjoy riding on due to the pavement but it was an overall easy ride. Each intersection had someone there directing us and many signs. There as an accident unfortunately and I did not see if it was strictly cyclist involved or car but while on the run, I noticed some of the Half bikers being directed to the run course due to an accident. That was the weird part and I felt bad for the cyclists because they then got bottlenecked up on the run course. Side note- I finally got a nice bike photo of me!

T2: :48 My buddy Ed was at the race and managed to get a sick photo of me heading out of transition. Mom wasn't paying attention because she saw me come in and said, "oh shit your back". I decided to wear my socks for this race mainly because of how hot it was so that slowed my time down. 

Run: 49:51 This run included a bridge at the start and finish but then it ran along a trail the entire time. It was partially shaded which was appreciated because by that time it was HOT. I was dousing myself with water and putting ice down my kit. At one point, the boy scouts who were manning an aid station splashed cold water on me. It was surprising but I didn't hate it! I saw Heather on the course who had a longer run ahead of her and cheered her on as we ran past each other. It was cool seeing all of the runners on the way back to the finish line. 

I ended up placing second in my age group which I was very surprised with but also very happy. This was my first race where I actually won prize money! $20 to Trisports!! What I liked about this race was that they started the awards right at the time they said they would and it was early! That way I was able to get my award, pick up my bike and then leave.  Overall I loved Rev3 Williamsburg and will definitely be back again!

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