Philadelphia Escape Sprint Triathlon

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Time: 1:28:09

AG- 6th

Overall- 21st

I haven’t raced in Philly since the Marathon in 2011, so I was very excited to get back to this town and try out the triathlon. The sprint takes place on Saturday, and the Olympic takes place on Sunday, so Friday afternoon, mom and I drove up to Philly (got stuck in like an absurd amount of traffic) but finally made it to town. The one thing I will start with from the get-go, the expo was at the boat house and had very minimal parking, so there was a lot of people dropping off loved ones to go inside and pick up their bibs because the expo was tiny and the line was short.

We then drove off to the hotel, ate dinner and went to bed. FYI there was no bike drop off. The next morning I was wondering what would happen with the weather and therefore the race because some nasty storms were rolling through the area. Well right as we parked and got to transition, the clouds opened up. Escape Series delayed the race start for 90 minutes and shocker the swim was still a go.

Swim: 15:27

We walked to the swim start which was organized by wave. Now, this wasn’t any wave start, it was based on time and when you think you would finish. So you didn’t go with your age group. The water when we got in had a good amount of debris in it. They claimed there was a current, there really wasn’t, and overall I didn’t really think we should have had the swim because of how much trash and tree branches were in the water. The next day, the swim was canceled because of run off.

T1-: 1:14

My transition time was pretty great, and I was pleased with the time. I took off my swim skin and rolled the bike on out.

Bike: 15 miles- 45:16

The bike course was flat with some climbs that looped twice through a neighboring park, so it was all closed off to traffic which I loved! The course was a bit tough given that there was mud from the flooding due to the rain and some portions of the course where they closed it off. Overall I focused on pushing hard to get a good bike split.

T2- 1:10

Run in- Run out. That was the focus.

Run- 24:59

The run course was flat and smooth. However, the humidity came out after the storm, and it was hot! I got a side stitch pretty much from the get go, and thankfully it went away by mile 2. My run sadly wasn't as fast as I was trying for, but my split from mile 2-3 made be happy. I finished strong and cam across the finish line in 1:28:09.

I was sad that I missed out on the top 5 for my age group by just a minute or so, but overall I was happy with my performance. I did enjoy this race very much and would love to come back and get redemption. Oh, I should also mention that the post race food was on point. I was shocked with how nice it was. Not your typical banana and bagel. No this was fancy. Quinoa salads, chicken with pasta, fruit, I loved it! Also if you do a google search, there is always a discount for the race. I saved 25 bucks, and I'd say that was a nice perk.

Overall, I definitely enjoyed this race and I think you will too!

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