Osprey Daylite Review

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

After my luck with the Osprey Radial, I decided that I needed real running backpack. So I research Osprey products and found the Daylight.

The Osprey bag has been a great casual and running bag. When I use it to walk or bike, I keep it loose and balances well on my back. What surprised me the most was how much space is in it. You can fit a pair of shoes, clothes and a bike helmet comfortably into the large pouch, while also fitting your keys, wallet, and phone into the smaller pocket on top.

The straps tighten the bag to your back and the foam pad keeps it stable, so there is no bounce or space when you run. The straps are also laid out perfectly not to chafe any part of your body. My only issue with this bag is it is not built for women's bodies. So if you are looking for a running pack meant more for women, check out my review of the Gregory.

I do not have to travel with a computer to work, so cannot speak to how heavy the bag might get with larger items. I also have not used the slot available to place a Camel Bak so I am unable to speak to how well it works or if condensation leaks into the bag. The only complaint I have is when the bag is full, your water bottle will not fit in the side pockets, otherwise, the bag has been very durable.

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