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Oh the weather outside just sucks

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Well, February was a fun month. Literally it snowed and snowed and the polar vortex and 60 degrees on Sunday and snow on Monday. I mean seriously?! Well, this was great for my training as I haven't been able to get outside on my bike since forever it seems.

Running outside has been freezing cold and of course I don't really own a cold weather running jacket so I finally invested in one from the North Face because when you talk about quality jackets, The North Face is what it's all about. Plus, seeing as I will be racing in the DC Half I should probably be ready for any type of conditions. So thank you The North Face for my Animagi Jacket. Running in it has been extremely wonderful and helpful to keep me warm. Maybe by next year I will have a pair of insulated running tights that will protect my legs! Yes, I am behind, I know. But at least I bought feetures wool socks because I don't know what I would do without them this year. I also would like to thank Headsweats for the gear that I used in Florida on vaca and finally/hopefully in march or April in DC. I received my brand spanking new Headsweats Hi Vis Yellow Supervisor in the mail and I was able to give away the race day hat version to a lucky follower. I love the reflective piping and how I can be seen in the early morning hours or when the sun has set.

These past few months have been quite challenging for my training as the only parts I was able to do outside was running. And even on most days I stuck to the treadmill because the high was a gnarly 20.  Thankfully I have a bike trainer and my p90x3 to help me get in my strength training when I don't want to leave the confines of my warm apartment. I am extremely excited about the spring and summer months that are coming along very slowly because this winter has been really fun. I hope to run a fast half in two weeks, but more importantly I am excited about receiving my Team Soas racing package in the mail, ordering my race wheels and a power meter. Which one I have yet to decide but seeing as I have been doing all my training indoors I would like to see if it has been helping my power output.

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