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Updated: Apr 27

After my first year competing in triathlons, I wanted to fly everywhere. But I learned my lesson that year and now I try to drive to most of my races. However, for road races, I am finding that most of those races within driving distance are dwindling, which means I now must fly again. The problem with flying before and after a race, is that it can take a toll on the body and prevent recovery. With my most recent race in Louisville, I decided to put together the steps you should take to keep your body healthy and happy and ready for race day. Pre-Race

  1. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

  2. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes- no one wants to be rocking a pair of skinny jeans with heels before a race.

  3. If you are traveling more than 3 hours, make sure you wear compression sleeves or socks. This will help reduce inflammation.

  4. Eat your carbohydrates and protein. I always eat shrimp fried rice before a race and it keeps me fueled.

Post Race

  1. Do not drink alcohol.

  2. Drink plenty of water and beverages with electrolytes.

  3. Eat your protein and carbohydrates to help rebuild your muscle.

  4. If you can, take a cold bath. This can help reduce swelling and decrease inflammation which will ultimately help flush out the muscles due to constriction of blood cells.

In Flight

  1. Drink plenty of water!

  2. Book an aisle seat so your legs can have space to stretch. But if you weren’t able to get one, sit with your legs open and put your belongings in the overhead compartment.

  3. Make sure you move around on the plane. This will help prevent blood clots, increase blood flow to the legs and reduce stiffness.

  4. Try not to sleep for too long. There is a higher chance you won’t move around as much if you are sleeping.

  5. If you do feel a dull pain and it persists, see a doctor immediately. Blood clots are something you do not want to mess with.

  6. Once again, wear comfortable clothing and compression sleeves. No one will care about your fashion statement and you will be happy you did!

  7. Staying healthy and recovering properly is incredibly important for the body and if you follow these tips you should be good to go! Stay tuned for the best recovery tools to travel with to these races.

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