New York City Triathlon

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

New York, NY

.9-mile swim, 24-mile bike, 5K run

Finish- 2:42:28

AG- 10th

I returned to the big city this year to try and beat my time from 2014 but sadly, I did not succeed. Due to some bike issues, a minimal current, and a hot run, it was not my day. This year's race was a lot more humid thanks in part to the heat wave that rolled through. At 5 am, is was 80 degrees outside! But it was still an awesome race and very cool to once again run through New York City. The expo this year was held at the Midtown East Hilton. I was able to valet my bike at the expo which was nice instead of walking around with it. We then attended the mandatory meeting to allow us to get our race packets and walked through the expo afterward.

The expo was a lot better than last year and I was able to walk away with a new, deeply discounted bike helmet, the SWorks Evade.  Once I received everything, I biked down to the transition area to drop off my bike, took some photos and then mom and I went shopping! We then followed that up with my mandatory night before race meal of shrimp fried rice.

Race Day: The next morning came very quickly with a 4 am wake up. We then hopped in a cab and headed over to riverside park where the transition was. I set everything up at my bike and then made the walk up to the swim start with my mom. My friend Rachel was in town and was crazy enough to get up early and come watch the whole race! Swim: 22:34 Rachel had a little fun taking some pictures of me all suited up. But I jumped into the water and found myself once again being taken by the current to the left side by the wall. So I was fighting back to the middle a lot. The current was not as strong as it was last year and I could tell along with many other competitors due to slower times.

T1- 4:54 I had the fastest overall time for my age group and 24th fastest out of all the women including pros by using this method. Because the yellow group has a 700 yard run to transition, it can be taxing on your legs especially in a wetsuit. So the minute I hit the road, I took off my wetsuit and began my run. I then headed out on the road for the 24-mile bike.

Bike: 1:22:05

I had some issues on the second half of the bike course. I heard a noise coming from my front tire but it wasn't a flat so I kept going. However, I did feel like it was slowing me down. Turns out, I got a piece of water bottle plastic from the label stuck right in between my brake and on my tire. I started off at 21-22 mph and slowed down to 18-19. 

T2- 1:16 I got stuck behind some slow folks heading into T2, but I was able to get out of there as fast as I usually do.

Run: 51:42 By this point it was very hot out so heading out for the run I knew was going to be tough. Thankfully there was plenty of ice and water and the aid stations were stocked and run very well. Again, this was an amazing race, the medals could be updated because it was the same one as last year, but it was run very well and I loved it! This race should definitely be on your list!  

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