Nautica South Beach Triathlon 2013

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Classic Distance

.5-mile swim, 19-mile bike, 4-mile run

Miami Beach, FL

April 7th, 2013

Finish time: 1:52:54

AG place 25-29: 2nd

Overall: 18th "You put me in a race where there's a lot on the line, especially when people tell me 'you can't win', or 'you're too small', you tell me those things and I'll find a way to prove you wrong." After a tough few months in my life, the one thing I was looking forward to was tri season. Racing, competing and overall having fun! I chose to race Miami's south beach tri since that was the first one I did last year in my inaugural season. I flew down to Miami on Friday to give myself a head start, plus to meet up with friends from undergrad.

I went to the expo to pick up my packet, chip, swim cap the works (maroon gross), and headed over to the booths to see what they had this year. Sadly not as much as last years so my boyfriend and I hung out on SOBE and went to bed early.

RACE DAY 5:15 wake up call because transition opened at 5:30, or so they said. Apparently some dude got in at 4;30 to rack his bike and just hung out. Anyways, I got a great spot on the first rack and set up my area. I was done by 6, so I hung around before they kicked us out. That morning was pretty windy.  Not ridiculously bad, I was more worried about the current. Last year I got real lucky, it was flat seas all around, this year not so much. Very wavy and choppy as I saw many people getting “rescued”/realizing the swim was too much for them so they bailed out.

Swim: 17:42 My swim didn’t start until 7:30 as I was competing in the classic distance. I was also in the 9th wave so I got to wait around until 810. So let’s just say a lot of sitting and waiting around at this race. But once we started, it was a let’s run into a big wave and try to not swallow a bucket of water. The current was strong so I just tried to follow a straight path from buoy to buoy and drafting off of some of the other girls. I did not enjoy the swim because It required me to do more kicking than necessary since it was so choppy and wavy. I came out of the water in 17:42, better than last years but still slow. I think I was 10th in my wave as well.  T1: 1:53 I got to my transition spot, had difficulty getting my legs out of my wetsuit but was out of there in less than 2 minutes so that made me happy. However when you leave transition you have to get your bike over the curb and somehow in the course of that, I dropped my water bottle and my shoe fell off. So I had to stop collect them and off I finally went.

Bike: 1:00:04 I was pretty strong on the bike passing people more on the flats and downs than ups, gotta work on that since most of the girls in my AG would pass me on the hills, but I’d catch back up on the flats. The wind was helpful on the backside, headwinds not so bad, minor cross. But I was flying on my tri bike (that I saved from a burning building none the less) within a half a mile to finish was the Ill-fated moment. I was coming down the road when I saw a policeman lets a car through because he thought he was going to keep driving, NOT stop in the middle of the bike lane and back up/turn around. I tried to undo my shoe, brake, and turn, but there was no hope. My back tire slid out from under me and I fell HARD on my thigh. All the while this "bleep" word decided now I'll move. Anyways I got back up and finished the last half a mile. I was happy with my improved bike time but bummed because it could have been much faster due to unforeseen circumstances.  T2: 1:39 The transition from bike to run consisted of me weaving around slow guys taking their time, for me to rack my bike. However in my fast nature I was quick to take off my helmet, throw on my shoes and I grabbed my stuff and was out in 1:39. Fastest T1 for the group. 

Run: 31:33 All the girls who passed me on the bike minus 1, I passed on the run. That always makes me smile seeing those girls who kick butt on the bike with their aero wheels, slow way down on the run, which is my specialty. I skinned my elbow pretty bad on the bike so the worst part about the run was the sweat and dirt in my elbow stinging like crazy while I was running. I just told myself finish fast and you can get it cleaned. I was averaging a good pace for the first mile then settled into a 7:48/50 split for the next 3.

Finish: 1:52:54 

My finish time was 12 minutes faster than last years 2:04 and on race day they announced I finished 3rd. Well, apparently the girl who “won” didn’t do the bike. So she did not win and I in fact placed 2nd! I typically place high at smaller events, not big ones like this and I placed 18th overall for the women. I was so excited and happy with my results. Even with everything that has happened to me this year leading up to that day and the events that took place on the bike, I still managed to push through, kick butt and finish 2nd. Thank you, everyone, again for helping through these challenging times and encouraging me to keep on swimming! I am forever grateful. Perks…: Wonderful course and location, aid stations on run course, traffic control, awards ceremony Ehh…Not a Fan: Certain parts, of course, open to traffic finish line food Grade: A

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