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Nations Sprint Triathlon

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Sprint Triathlon

750m swim, 16m bike, 5k run

Washington, DC

AG 25-29: 1st!

Overall female- 4th

So yes the swim was canceled thanks to the storm that hit the night before, it was a bummer for some but for me, I just did not care. This was a practice race for me before Augusta. Well, it must have been a great practice ride because I kicked butt! I placed 1st for my age group and missed the 3rd overall female slot by 5 seconds!

But anyways. Let's get to it. Because the swim was canceled the organizers just did the race as they would with the swim in a time trial start. Because the sprint would go last, I had some time to kill but still had to get to the transition early. Its nice living only 2 miles away from the start line. T1: 1:54 Fastest time for the age group. I will say I did not like the way the transition was set up because when you came in from the run, we were trying to merge to the right side while the bikers came in and blocked us. Bike: 51:00 The race started with the transition run to the bike, the bike looped and looped all over the place and it was very windy out by that point so that might have been the reason why it slowed me down because it was a slower bike that what I usually produce second fastest bike time T2: 1:02 The way the transition area was set up for coming in from the bike it was nice to be on the right side of the area, but then leaving transition to go to the run you had to split back the left side. It was a cluster**** if I do say so myself. Run: 22:48 I like the way the run was set up because you still got to see the views of the Washington monument and Jefferson memorial.

Grade: B+ Overall the race was pretty good, nothing that could be done about the swim. The transition was a nuisance but loved the views.

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