Nashville Country Music Half Marathon

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Nashville, TN

April 25, 2015

Finish Time: 1:47:09

AG- 73

A humid day on a hilly course, I will take the humidity over the initial thunderstorms and rain that was predicted. We got lucky and the storms missed us. 

But first things first, Nashville was a very cool and interesting town. When we arrived into Nashville on Friday because this was a Saturday race, we went to the Expo which was big but very well run and in the heart of downtown. We walked around and ate dinner on broadway which was where the course would start. 

The next day, the set up of the start line I felt was not the most well laid out. The bag drop was a couple of blocks from the start line, at one point I thought we merged with the 5K because all of a sudden there was a bunch of people running with 5K bibs on. The course starts on Broadway and takes up all lanes of the road, but then right after the mile mark you merge back onto the same road as all the corrals and people waiting to start. Now the four lanes we started on merged into two which made the area even more congested. 

After we passed the last corral, then we had the full length of the road to ourselves. That then begun the many hills we would climb and run down. The humidity was 94% and real bad but the aid stations were fully stocked and well run and getting liquid was not difficult. Water at every aid station, Gatorade at every other, plenty of porta potties and each aid station was about a mile apart. 

The streets were lined with many people at certain points and none at others and the course took us outside of the downtown area into neighborhoods and local businesses. This race was not full of as many spectators as Austin and there weren’t very many bands but my guess is because of the possibility of the rain. 

The finish line was all downhill across a bridge and ended at the Titans stadium. This course was a point to point but thankfully, the finish line was not far from the start. My watch said the course was 13.5 miles so I don't know if it was long or if it was GPS, but Strava said the same thing. The medal was also very nice and cute with its cowboy boots. 

For those looking to do this race next year, we stayed at the DoubleTree which was not far from the start or finish line and in great proximity to the downtown area. 

Perks: City of Nashville, nice expo, had stores at the finish line, aid stations, medal.

Ehh… not a fan: Start line set up

Grade: A-

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