My First Chemical Peel

35. I am turning the Big 3.5. This past year I have been all about the face the skin and diminishing those deep fine lines that I didn't have as a 20 year old. In 2021, I decided to give botox a try. AND I LOVED IT. I was considering filler around my smile line but I decided before I make that plunge, to do a chemical peel, maybe try microneedling, those things, before I stick filler in my face.

Now I preface this by saying, I know if have really good skin. I pay enough for products to take care of it. I was solely doing this to diminish the deep lines and wrinkles in my face.

The derm gave me a pack up items to use over the next 7 days and to follow the regimen provided. I also had to stop using my products which was fine. They say to expect peeling to begin on day 3 and that is exactly when it started. I took photos and videos everyday documenting the process, but I took them after I washed my face so some of the skin had peeled off before I got to document it.

So at the end of December, I went to my dermatologist and had the peel done. The process itself, takes about 10 minutes. They clean your face off with rubbing alcohol or at least thats what it smells like. Then they put on the peel. It does have a very warm/hot sensation to it so you get a fan to help relieve it. Thankfully it is cold out in December so just being outside right afterwards, helped relieve the heat.

By the end of it all, I definitely noticed an improvement in the fine lines around my mouth, as well as in my forehead. Even with the botox, I can still see some wrinkles that haven't gone away completely. But the peel helped diminish them to where I couldn't even see them. Overall, I am very happy with the results and I will definitely be doing this as an annual event.

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