Moji Foot Pro Review

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

I tested out the Moji Foot Pro and my feet have felt amazing, refreshed and stretched out. The Foot Pro was made to help with foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, and the stretching it provides mixed in with the massaging, gives your feet the break they deserve and the relief that is needed.  It was designed to relieve pain with its six sphere rollers. The pressure the center ball emits is why I love Moji because not only do you get a massage, but a deep tissue one to roll out the kinks and soreness. The surrounding spheres allow you to work the rest of your foot including the heel, forefoot, and sides. The fact that it stays in place thanks to its slip-resistant surface, also provides enough stability to allow me to use it on my upper back which can be a hard place to reach (I love doing this).  My favorite part about this product is how stretched out my feet feel. After a long run, race or triathlon, my feet are tight and sore. Using the Moji Foot Pro has brought the relief I need and released the tension. Plus the cooling sensation is great on a hot day.  This is a great tool to travel with as well as it is small enough to fit anywhere in your bag and can be used with or without socks, plus it is easy to clean. If you are not interested in the Moji Foot Pro, you can get the regular Moji Foot, but I highly recommend the Moji Foot Pro. 

This product retails for $39.99 and can be purchased along with other products in their line at (This product was provided to me by Moji to review. All of these opinions are mine and truthful.)

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