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Milwaukee Brewers Half Marathon

Milwaukee, WI

September 27, 2019

This race was mediocre at best. It takes place on a Saturday and you must pick up your packets on Friday. Given that my brother recently moved to Chicago, he was able to pick up our bibs and t-shirts.

Race Day:

It started at 7 am in the parking lot of the Milwaukee Brewers stadium. It was freezing out and I wish I wore a t-shirt because the tank top didn't cut it. When the race started we headed out on some backroads, a ramp up on the highway and down past a casino. We hit a turnaround before we hit the downtown area that looked semi under construction and headed back from where we came. We ran through Miller Valley, home of Miller brewing and ran to another on ramp where the course met up with the 10K. The race took us down a path through a neighborhood along the parkway, through a park and back down to the stadium where we ran through a little bit of it and finished back where we started... in the parking lot.

I was hoping that we would have finished or run even a little more in the stadium and the fact that this race is recognized as a top one in Wisconsin, I highly disagree. The course in the beginning was ugly, the second half was much nicer. There were spectators also in the second part that helped bring up the morale when it sucked the entire first half. The medal was ok and the post race food was not much. Overall, this was not a great race compared to other ones I have run.

Perks: Stadium run, medal

Ehh... Not a Fan: First half of course, start/finish line, food, shirt

Grade: C-

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