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Demo and Construction! Kitchen Renovation (Part 2)

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

IT HAS BEEN GUTTED! The kitchen reno process has begun and I am ecstatic. The ugly tile is gone, the cabinets and bulkheads are out and the appliances have been sold. Well the oven has, the others have been trashed. The knee wall has been taken out and rebuilt to be squared off instead of curved, but there was a lot to go into just this moment before I was actually able to start. Check out the photos below!

For starters, because I live in a condo building, I had to get a whole bunch of paperwork signed off and submitted to the building management team before I could begin. This included showing that my contractors had enough liability in case a situation arose, gave them approval to work in the building and to access my unit. Once I sent in everything, I was informed that my start date would be in mid to late April. Now you are probably wondering, why am I being given a start date. Well because of COVID and everyone working from home, we are only allowed noise hours during certain times of the day and only 2 units can be renovated at a time (this is due to the loading dock space). This was in March when I originally corresponded and was informed of a start date in April. By the time April rolled around, the start date had been pushed back to mid to late May. But this time I was told that this was for real and I could begin May 17th. So here we are in May and demo has begun!

But I am going to dive in a bit deeper into what my kitchen will have in it this time around.

If you saw the renderings from my previous post, you might have seen the cabinets on the lowers. The one I have shown below is where my new pantry will go. I research lots of Pinterest photos when designing this because so many apartments don't have pantry's and I wanted to have a pullout one where I can store these types of items. So before when the knee wall was curved, you couldn't utilize this space. Now that it has been straightened out, I will be able to!

On the other side of the kitchen I will have a cabinet to store my baking pans which will be nicer than under the oven where it really is a warming area. Not a storing area. But we all use it for that, let's be honest.

I also wanted to utilize the space of the knee wall by installing another cabinet that will serve as a wine cabinet for wine bottles and glasses. Why might you ask? Well because I was tired of storing my wine bottles above the microwave where I can't reach. Plus now I will have a designated spot for my tall wine and champagne glasses. (See below)

You can also see that the back end of the kitchen that used to be just a wall, has been changed and cabinets have been installed as well as countertops so that I can actually use the space and have a larger prep area. Before my prep area was tiny and I had only enough room for my toaster oven, mixer and coffee maker on the counter top. Now I will have wayyyy more space and wayyy more cabinets. I legit don't know what I will put in them because I don't own that much stuff.

I have also changed my oven over to an electric option rather than gas so I had to get a new outlet installed for that and I had to get the water line moved over since the fridge was being relocated. The dishwasher and sink are still in the same spot so nothing new there and the bar top will be lowered 4 inches to what a bar top height usually is. This will be great because I wont bump into it as much (short girl problems).

That's about it for my kitchen. I will share with you the updates for the install in the next post!

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