Kitchen Renovation- Install and a Minor Hiccup (Part 3)

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Install has begun! There was a lot of moving parts involved with this. From the delivery of the new appliances, to the cabinets taking up so much space in my apartment, to the tile install possibly not being even. But so far, I am LOVING what I am seeing.

Because I am in a one bedroom, there is not a whole lot of room available for the cabinets and the appliances to be stored and I would prefer to keep the dust in one room rather than all throughout. So before cabinet install, the living room area was full to capacity. There would be a fridge in there too if the original one hadn't come damaged, but I think that worked out for the best because by the time the new one was delivered, the cabinets were in place and there was room for it.

For the tile, I love the color and style I chose from Chesapeake Bath and Tile. It's called Dorian White but its more of a grayish-white and each tile has a different style. When they were being placed, it looked like there was a curve to them, causing them not to be placed in line with each other. But somehow it all worked out.

The cabinets were all installed but some need to be altered including the pantry and the double silverware drawer which you can see in the pictures below. Yes you heard that right, the double silverware drawer that has spots built in! No more buying separators from the container store! The pantry just needs it's door attached and the wine cabinet needs to be put in its spot!

The Corian White Quartz countertops were just installed so the last things that really need to go in are the under cabinet lights, backsplash, faucet, the wine cabinet in the knee-wall, hardware and the appliances. Sounds like a lot but it's really just the finishing touches! Also when I saw the countertops were in I was more mesmerized by the color I chose that I forgot to focus on HOW MUCH COUNTERTOP SPACE I HAVE!! I am so freaking excited! If you saw the before photos, there was so little space.

Now for the hiccup. Someone upstairs had a leak which leaked down into the entryway closet walls. It was noticed because the wood floor where it meets the tile was wet. So now I get to deal with the neighbors insurance adjustor coming in to assess the damage. Hopefully the wall dries out (the disaster company cut holes in it and put a fan in my unit) but who knows. Thankfully this will not affect the kitchen reno (well lets hope not) but it will impact the entryway and closet trim. If it does ruin the wood, welp then I will have to deal with that but thankfully it didn't affect a lot of the wood. Just a tiny portion where it meets the tile.

Anyways... WE ARE ALMOST DONE! Next update will be finished product!

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