Kitchen Renovation- Finished Product!



After 6 long weeks, which were originally supposed to be 2.5 thanks to COVID restrictions, my kitchen is all finished! I mean look at the difference in the before and after! Everything has come together so beautifully and I am so happy with how it turned out. I can not stop looking at my kitchen. The design and colors make it look larger and definitely brighter. The layout change was such a good decision as I have SO MUCH cabinet space. I even have 1 entire cabinet empty because I don't have anything to put in it. I love my corner cabinet pullouts and I am very happy I chose to go with shelves instead of a lazy susan in the uppers. AND THE WINE CABINET! I mean, the best idea. I get to utilize the space and have a place solely for those items. The tile is beautiful, the gold hardware really accentuates the white cabinets and navy blue backsplash, and I have so much countertop space compared to before.

It is also so nice to have a large fridge with a water dispenser! Not the tiny one I had before without one. The pantry pullout will come in handy so much and the best part is if i run out of space in there, I have tons of cabinet space up top for an overflow section. Also the under cabinet lighting has been clutch. At night I like to turn it on and enjoy the light bouncing off the blue tile. Oh and my touchless faucet. Yes everyone should get one of these. They are amazing and so handy when your hands are dirty. Also lowering the bar top was wonderful because now I can actually see into the kitchen and I don't bump myself on the ends.

Yes this process can be stressful with how long it takes, scheduling deliveries of appliances and working with a condo to reserve elevator times and loading dock space, but in the end it was all worth it. Even the dust which is driving me nuts because I feel like I haven't cleaned it all up after cleaning for a couple days straight. But now I can just enjoy the amazing and calming space that is my kitchen.

If you live in the D.C., MD and Virginia area and are looking to renovate, I highly recommend my top notch, talented and hard working team. Or you can just contact Piranha Designs and she can help you get started on your dream renovations!

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