Just Keep Swimming With FINIS!

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

I was never one to enjoy swimming with a structured workout. I just liked to go for a swim at the pool and swim until I am done 1 mile or an hour. That was my style. But now that I am doing different workouts and using different tools I am starting to enjoy them more thanks to the fun tools I get to train with. For the past few weeks thanks in part to FINIS and SMACK Media, I have been able to train with some really great FINIS products including the Swimmers Snorkel and Z2 Gold Zoomers® fins.  When you are a kid, swimming with fins made you feel like a mermaid and it still does, but it has helped fix my style and stride of swimming. I can already tell through swimming with these fins, that they are encouraging me to swim more efficiently, my ankle feels like it is being strengthed by working different muscle parts including and I find myself wanting to kick faster, but the fins help me with my kicking stride. They definitely propel me through the water faster, but I can tell that I am having to do a lot of work to get me to the other side of the pool. The Swimmers snorkel has been an interesting adjustment for me because I am not used to breathing underwater through my mouth. I breathe through my nose under water so my brain is still trying to tell me to breathe through my nose, but then I somehow suck in the water. It has definitely been a battle trying to get the snorkel to work, but it is a learning process. Other than that, what I have noticed was that the snorkel helps me focus on my pull and stroke because my head doesn't have to move.  The Agility paddles are different than previous versions I have swum with. I find that these have helped me focus on my pull in more ways than I could imagine while also improving my arm strength and reminding me to lift my arm and elbow out of the water in order to focus on keeping my hand/arm flat on top of the water.  Swimming is something I like to do, but these tools are making it more enjoyable and a different kind of workout where I know that I am improving and becoming a more efficient swimmer. Let's just hope that come race time, I am not freaking out and throwing everything I learned out the window. Is there a tool or device for that? 

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