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It's Going Down For Real- My Kitchen Renovation (Part 1)

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

I have been living in my condo for two years now and when I moved in, I always planned on renovating the kitchen. It was older, out of date, the appliances were not energy efficient and the cabinets were NOT soft closed. But since my first project I tackled was the bathroom I knew I'd have to wait on the kitchen (ie funds).

My plan was to get started on in in 2020, but alas the pandemic hit and I put it off. I did visit kitchen stores, home depot, researched tile and quartz and cabinets, everything under the sun so that when it came time, I was ready. Fast forward to 2021, and I was sick of my fridge. It was too small, not in great shape and I was either going to replace it or start the reno process. Two totally different things I know, but in order to fit the newer sized fridges in that space, I had to take down the cabinet over the fridge, and that started the process in my head of let's just do it. Let's find someone to renovate my kitchen. But before I was to hire someone, I had questions. I contacted other tenants in my building who renovated their units and asked about the process, who they used, how much it cost, could they remove this and that, etc.

THEN, I contacted people. Some never got back to me. Surprise Surprise given that everyone under the sun is renovating their homes during COVID. But I remembered my friend who is an interior designer has worked with contractors and maybe she knows someone. Turns out she has expanded her business to include renovations! Perfect right? To have someone who knows what they are doing, has the contacts and can help me through the whole process while also telling me the truth!? Amazing. I say truth because when I renovated my bathroom, the contractor and project manger said he couldn't remove the tile because it was on top of concrete so it made more sense to place new tile over it, ie. he was lazy.

So my girl Piranha Designs got the ball rolling. She set up appointments with her guys and had them come and take a look at the space. It was so comforting having someone I know helping with this process as this is their job rather than trusting a stranger. Once we decided to go ahead, I gave them the samples of tile and quartz and sent them the cabinets I wanted. There was a bunch of back and forth on selection of items for the kitchen including style of cabinets and drawers, lighting, layouts, etc. I was very particular because I want as much storage as possible and no lazy susans on the bottom. When my mom rebuilt her house, she added these to the kitchen and I loved them. So Andy from Granite by Andrew who works with Piranha found and ordered all of the items I wanted. The only things I ordered separately were my appliances, my touchless faucet and the garbage disposal.

Below were some of the renderings that were sent during the back and forth stage or approvals.

Once everything, was decided on, which took about a month or so, we signed the contract to begin the process! But there was a little bit of a snag in starting. Check out why in my next blog post!

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