Ironman Training Week 7

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

This week was my last big training load and woof is how I describe it. I logged some normal bike sessions and FTP tests. I ran a bit more, did some bricks, but it all culminated with the metric ironman.

A 75-mile bike followed by an 18-mile run. The bike was fine and everything was going well until about mile 10 of the run when my legs started to feel stiff and tired. So I began adding in walking a bit more. Am I surprised? Not really. But the fact that I did it not only made me happy because if I can do that, I can go longer and farther, but it also made me nervous because I realized I am in the final stages of training and only 3 weeks outs to race day. I will begin my taper after this weekend of long runs and then I will my freak out session of being almost to race day. Yep, I am officially freaking out. I am excited about race day, but I am also relieved to have my weekends back and time to spend with my friends. 

But other than that, I recovered big time after the metric with my NormaTec Boots and Marc Pro. I don't know how I would be feeling without these tools and they have definitely helped me get back to normal faster. I highly recommend investing in these tools if you are training for a big race.

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