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Ironman Training Week 4

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Ironman training so far has been good but tiring. My bike mileage is up even more and I have noticed that going for a run isn't as tiring anymore or as taxing on the body. Going out for a long run now is easy which I guess is good because it shows that the amount of training I have been doing on the bike and, in general, is improving my endurance even more.  This week brought on a lot more biking, some more running and same amount of swimming. On top of my what seemed like 40-50 mile bike average per day, I finished up the week with an 80 miler, my longest to date. I changed up my views to horse country where my momma lives to get used to the scenery I will be seeing in Louisville or at least I hope I do. It was a tough route that I planned out and I've done it before, but I guess when doing it multiple times, you don't realize how challenging it will be on your legs and body.

If there is one thing I am noticing through training, is how tired I am and feel mentally more than physically during the long bike rides. So that will probably be my toughest challenge come race day. I just need to make sure I take in enough sugar and caffeine to keep me awake. Other than that, bring on week 5! 

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