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Ironman Training Week 3

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

This week was a bit more of a challenge. I developed a nasty cough and GI issue that sidelined me until Thursday. Being sick sucks but it's better to try and get healthy rather than subjecting yourself continuing your training, making your immune system worse, and ultimately putting your training on pause even longer.  So for this week I made sure to at least get in some bike workouts because since I will be on the bike for 112 miles, increasing my bike mileage is more important at this point right now. The cough made it tough but once I started to feel better, I got it done. 

I was able to get in a 25-mile ride and a 70-mile ride followed by a 5-mile run. I was also able to get in a 7-mile run as well. My training was lesser than previous weeks, but it was still substantial. This week will be more intense as I have already logged a 45-mile trainer ride. Stay tuned to find out how my body holds up! Which by the way, is better than the first two weeks of training!

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