IRONMAN Eagleman 70.3

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Cambridge, MD

1.2 mi Swim, 56 mi Bike, 13.1 mi Run

June 8th, 2014

Finish Time: 5:54:25

AG: 27th

Well, A PR is a PR is a PR. Yes, I was extremely happy to PR but I wish it was more than 2 minutes. The week leading up to the race I was wondering what the water temperature would be. It was in the low 70's all week and of course race day it was 76. So no wetsuit yet again. That weekend it was hot and sunny so we knew there was a chance, but I was hopeful. We stayed in St. Michaels as Cambridge has minimal hotels (and I mean minimal), and St. Michaels is overall just so much prettier. If you plan on doing this race, book your hotels fast because seeing as there isn't much in this area, they sell out fast.

Pre Race Day: I went to registration to get my stuff, check out the merchandise and other booths. Well, there were like 10 booths so not much to check out. I then drove down the road to check in my bike, find my spot on the rack and practice my race day routine where I count how far in I am to make finding my bike spot easier. Luckily, I was on the last rack, closest to swim in and run out. So I guess that was a major perk to going last.   

Race Day:

Transition opened at 4:45 but seeing as I was in the last wave,  I wasn't concerned with getting there too early. I went and set up my transition spot. Loaded up the bike and got it ready. Mom was hanging out waiting for me. We found out that wetsuits weren't allowed and took it back to the car. Oh FYI, there are also tons of side streets to park on instead of taking the shuttle which is what we did and were only a few blocks away.

Swim: 46:11 It was in the mucky Choptank river which was very shallow. The course seemed kind of cockeyed and unfortunate my swim time was slower. This year I didn't prepare as much swimming wise. T1: 1:20 Yeah not sure how this happened but I like it. 

Bike: 2:56:13

My bike time was 4 minutes faster than Miami which I was happy about, just for some reason, I couldn’t pick my speed up more than 19MPH. Disappointing a little but given the course and its quality I guess I am not surprised. The course consisted of not paved well roads, riding the shoulder as it was open to traffic and lots of water bottles lost due in part to the conditions (including my own), I was shocked I didn’t get a flat tire. Being in the last wave I was constantly passing people the whole time and was able to make up time and pass lots of girls in my age group.

Run: 2:08:50 Well, I was hoping to beat this time but given the conditions that day I was lucky. It was excruciatingly hot, I am burnt as a result and I couldn’t stop dousing myself with water and drinking electrolytes. The course was run very well with lots of options for the runners. Water, perform, ice, sponges, pretzels, bananas, coke and one table had beer… hmmm. Much better than Miami where they ran out of cups. The course was out and back instead of a loop which I kind of like better but the jury’s still undecided. 

Finish: 5:54:25 Overall I wish i could have done better but my time is still faster. Hopefully for Augusta I will definitely have a better time given I’ll have more time to train as this race was 6 weeks after my thesis was due and I went into hibernation.  Eagleman was run well, just not in the best location. Now let’s say it was in St. Michaels, I think that would be more pretty. Heck, even Rock Hall! Still I am very proud of myself, another 70.3 in the books and I did improve in 2 parts of the race, the bike and transitions. Perks…: Amount of aid stations, Medal, post race food and activities Ehh… Not a Fan: Some roads open to traffic, riding on the shoulder, bike course not paved well, last wave to start Grade: C-

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