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Ironman 70.3 Augusta

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

1.2 mi Swim, 56 mi Bike, 13.1 mi Run

Augusta, GA

September 28th, 2014

AG- 13th

Finish Time: 5:33:22 

This was the race of the year. My "A" race. And man did I make it an A. I Pr'd the race by about 20 minutes, bested my swim and run times and overall was a great day, a fast weekend but a great day.

To start it off, mom and I flew down to Augusta where I had my bike transported because with the quick turnaround we had on race day to go home, I wouldn’t have had time to break it down. At first glance, Augusta was not a very pretty town. It looks rather ugly and deserted, like a scene out of The Walking Dead. Our hotel was in a terrific location so if you choose to do Augusta in the future, its a great spot. Right on the run course, a mile from transition and a couple blocks from the finish line. The expo was small, not much there but TBT had the bikes there for pick up which was convenient. After I picked everything up we went to transition to drop off the bike. The walk to transition from the main street was a hike and transition was big! But once we got everything taken care of, we went back to the hotel, dropped off stuff then left for an early dinner because we were hangry!


Mom dropped me off at the road to transition so I could set up my spot. Once I was done, she picked me back up and we went back to the hotel. I was in wave 26 IE 1:45 minutes after the race starts. So I had some time to kill. I went back to the room laid down and just waited. Around 8:30 we left and headed to the swim start. 

Swim: 29:27– The water was cold and so I got to wear my full-length wetsuit! This was my first half Ironman wearing one so maybe that is why I swam faster! It was perfect, downstream, no turns, just a straight shot. It was also very spread out so you weren’t on top of everyone.

T1: 2:48 The run from the swim exit to transition was long, but thankfully they had strippers to help with the wetsuit.  Bike: 2:56:22

The Bike course was pretty easy. Flat with rollers, some hills, but nothing terrible. I had a pretty good flow going and was hammering it out really working my butt off to go fast. the conditions of the bike were annoying because there were times of flat roads and times of bumps constantly. I made friends with another girl on the bike and we paced each other back and forth. Unfortunately at one point through congestion at an aid station I lost her. So the rest of the bike, I was singing to myself, making friend with other cyclists and enjoying the day. It was overcast, hardly any wind and temperatures weren’t too hot. A definite change from Miami and Eagleman. T2: 2:16 The transition area was large so it took awhile to get from one end to the other. Not my finest times for transition but oh well. Run: 2:02 The run was flat, faster and much more fun for mom. She got to see me on multiple times because our hotel was on the run course and the part that loops. That and the other streets were close by. Lots of people lined broad street, there were very many armed forces individuals there helping out, and it was overall a great run location. The only downside was seeing the finish loop sign and you have another loop to go.

After the race ended, I literally hauled ass back to the hotel, showered, headed over to transition, dropped off my bike with TBT and left for the airport. This is in part thanks to being one of the last waves. Overall, Augusta was a great race for PR purposes, but there wasn’t much to do there. Grade: B

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