Iron Horse Half Marathon

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Written by Lisa Lockwood

I just ran the Iron horse half marathon 10/11/15 in Midway Kentucky. It was a very small hometown race which was run very well. They mailed me my bib for an extra $20.00 so I didn’t have to worry about picking it up. I also received a really nice long sleeve brooks running shirt. I stayed in Georgetown Kentucky about 20 minutes away for $80.00 a night. The weather was cool at the start 45 degrees and 60 at the finish. There were no corals or starting music or gun in the beginning.

All of a sudden we started to run. We went down a one lane country road and passed many horse farms and cow pastures. It was lovely. We went out about 3.5 miles and then turned around and came back to town, then we went on the other side of town about 3.0 miles and then turned around and came back to the finish. Because of this route we could see the winners pass us twice. The course was all rolling hills. I personally love to run down a hill and not so much up a steep one. I only had to walk a few times when it got a bit much. There was very little flats, but the hills were not really that high, most of them anyway. 

One thing I loved was they had a gear check at mile 1 and 6 so if you got warm and wanted to take off some layers, they took it back to the finish. Excellent idea! At mile 10 they gave us double express energy gel which was delicious and gave you a nice boost to the end. There was plenty of water stations and porta-potties. However, they did not have Gatorade, they had Storm, which I’ve never heard of and didn’t really like very much. The finish line had lots of cheering fans and a fabulous medal, but the food was not great. I tried to find a place in town to eat, but most of what I found was closed.

Perks: mailed bib, medal, gear check on course

Ehh…not a fan: no Gatorade, no national anthem pre-race, post race food selection

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