I Have No Thigh Gap and I Am Proud Of It!

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

I was not blessed with thigh gap. In fact, I was blessed with muscular gymnast thighs from the time I was born. But, unfortunately, like most women, I was insecure with my body because of them. So I ran, with the hopes I could tone them into runner’s legs. I also went through the process of putting negative thoughts in my head that I was not a real runner or not good enough when I saw girls running with thigh gap.

I hated my thighs because of the chafing. The rubbing of them together means I have to increase the amount of body glide I lube up on. Before I learned to love my thighs, I used to hate running in spandex because it showcased my lack of thigh gap. Running in loose shorts was even worse, as I found myself constantly pulling and tugging to prevent riding up or camel toe. However, I have come to terms with my body. I was born with these thighs and a ridiculous amount of leg strength. I competed in sports that only re-emphasized my strength in my legs. Running helped them slim down, but I have always had large thighs, and that’s not going away. There are many women out there who are ashamed or annoyed by their thighs just like me. To those women out there, I issue a challenge. Learn to love your thighs. Otherwise, therein lies a very miserable, depressing road ahead. You were born a certain way, and you should love it! Besides, as I have found out, having strong, beautiful thighs rather than the model, stick-thin, barely nada legs, is a major turn on for men, my guy included. 

That and we look real good in high heels.

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