How To Be Speedy Fast In The Transition Times Department

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

So after my most recent races I have noticed I am very quick in the Transition times department. Dependent on how big the transition area is, I can typically get out in under 2 minutes, sometimes 1 for T1 and under 1 minute for T2. So after this realization and people asking me how do I do it, I thought I would give some tips.

First when I go into a race transition area, I always have my backpack with me filled with what I need. It may look like I have a lot but in reality I don't. I typically have 1 large towel, and 1 small towel. My bike shoes, running shoes, helmet, sunglasses, water bottles, race belt with bib attached and visor. When I get inside, I start by filling up my fuselage which is my internal water bottle built into the bike. Then dependent on the distance size, I have my extra water bottle on my turbo wing. If it's a short distance, I keep it in transition in case I need to wash my feet, of need some water after the swim. I then attach my bike shoes to my bike during transition set up so I don't have to worry about clipping in at T1. I put my bike helmet unclipped on my aero bars with my sunglasses open inside. I then put my running shoes open as far as I can, with my race belt and visor right next to it. Basically the only thing that should be left after my bike is set up, are my towels, running shoes, race belt, and visor. When I am coming in from my swim while I take off my wetsuit or speedsuit that is when I start to put on my sunglasses and helmet. When I come in from my bike, I am already out of my bike shoes  so that I can rack my bike easily and just slide my shoes on. Because of this setup, it has made my transition times very quick and easy. Simplicity is key and to make sure you have a method and follow it every time.

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