Guerlain Super Aqua

When I first started out using skincare products, I found many that were too thick and heavy, some that made it super greasy and overall I wasn't in love with anything. I mean every product I tried did nothing for my roseacea. That was until I went to France after I graduated and tried out Guerlain.

From the moment I used it I could tell there was something different about this company. The products were luxurious, lightweight, moisture filled and helped get rid of my roseacea that all of the steroids in the world my dermatologist would give me couldn't solve. I originally tried the Guerlain Super Aqua-Serum which solved my skin problems, provided my skin with incredible hydration, moisturized it perfectly and overall left my skin looking radiant. From that point I moved on to the day and night creams. Those products protect the skin during the day and restore it at night, providing intense protection against wrinkles and fine lines. Plus the Super Aqua-Serum has been a bestseller for the last 25 years.

However, the one product in the line I was not crazy about was the eye cream. I felt it made my eyes tear up too much and thats a sign the product just isn't working for me. But what I also loved about Super Aqua line was how amazing the products smell. For me I always knew that if I spent too much time in the sun, I would put these products on to help quench the thirst in my skin for water and moisture and it would take care of it!

If you are just starting out on your skincare journey (at a younger age), I highly recommend testing out the Super Aqua line. Like I said I have been using these products for 10 years and I will continue to use them!

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